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by Tim O'Donnell | January 19th, 2010

Welcome. I’m glad you found this space dedicated to dialogue, discussion and debate.  I plan to make it a catalyst that spurs a conversation among mindful and intelligent people of diverse and perhaps dissonant viewpoints. A confab that leads to an enhanced understanding of reality for those who participate. A place where independent thinking individuals participate not only to opine but also to consider propositions put forth by others.

Although my interests vary widely, (I am a news hound, political junkie, sports fanatic, music lover, opinionated observer of pop culture and a general know-it-all) I’m centering this space on the primal questions we humans have been attempting to answer since we began walking upright on this planet: “Where did I come from?” “Where am I going?” “What is my purpose?” I call what’s at the heart of these and similar questions our “Ascending Urge.

The answers to these audacious questions are offered from science, philosophy and theology among other disciplines of thought, all of which offer much to the conversation. Some from these varying schools of thought claim their point of view offers the only viable answers.

Whereas I don’t necessarily agree that one discipline has a corner on Truth, I’m wildly interested and wondrously fascinated by all.

There is likely more than one path to truth and this space is dedicated to discussing any and all. If you find the discussion of truth or reality interesting, you’ve come to the right place.

First and foremost, this will be a safe harbor to state your own opinion no matter how out of “mainstream” others may consider it.

The expectation is tolerance.

In fact, the only thing that won’t be tolerated here is intolerance. You’re invited to vociferously and vehemently oppose another opinion, but you will be discouraged from attacking the person offering the point of view you oppose. Ideas are fair game to be assailed, as long as respect is maintained for those proposing them. No name-calling, personal insults or remarks about another’s mother.

The belief here is that honest dialogue allows for an evolution of understanding for those engaging in the dialogue. A safe place to deposit one’s opinion is imperative.

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