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A View from the Back Pew

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Tim O’Donnell’s first book, A View From The Back Pew is a story of the evolution of one man from blind adherence to religion to a realization of spiritual truth that lies beyond the doctrine of beliefs.  Woven into this highly personal account of spiritual expansion and religious emancipation is an intelligent and plainspoken examination of how and why religious belief systems have failed to evolve over the centuries. Track the unfolding of understanding by one who has spent a lifetime seeking answers to questions about his native religion as he openly investigates the reasons he continued to ignore the spiritual realities in his life in favor of the religious indoctrination he received.

Tim O’Donnell retired from the business world at the age of forty after a successful business career that saw him rise from advertising sales to corporate executive, to become a highly sought after consultant and speaker and ultimately buying his own suburban daily newspaper publishing company. He earned distinction as a publisher and consultant for the advances in management and operational systems he introduced as many of O’Donnell’s philosophies and methods became standards within the publishing world. He is considered by his clients and the industry at large as an agent of change.

O’Donnell sold his company and retreated for a time to the woods of Southeast Kansas to resume a quest for answers to questions that had been dogging him since his youth as a Catholic schoolboy in the suburbs of Chicago.

Tim O’Donnell received the quintessential Catholic education, attending Catholic grade school, high school and college. He now says: “I’ve been pummeled by nuns, cajoled by priests and humored by serious theologians as I tried continuously to satisfy questions I’ve always had about my native religion.” His questions followed him to adulthood unanswered.

Until now.

A practicing Catholic for much of his life, O’Donnell was curious and uneasy about the diminishing attendance he witnessed and the persistent reports of large numbers of Catholics becoming agnostic. He set out to find out why and to write what he believed would be a work of Catholic Apologetics aimed at those leaving the church.

O’Donnell donned the familiar hat of investigative journalist to tackle some of the issues that had provoked him to study Theology in Rome as a college student. His survey has led to unexpected perspectives about the religion of his birth. To his surprise, the no-holds-barred exploration did not turn out to be the work of apologetics he once envisioned. In the process of trying to rationalize the doctrine, he discovered truth beyond dogma.

O’Donnell’s much-anticipated book, A View From The Back Pew, due out this spring, is a provocative and honest account of the religious belief system he was indoctrinated into intertwined with a spiritual memoir of one who has been seeking answers since he exasperated the nuns by challenging the “mysteries of faith”. Learn what Tim discovers as he tackles big questions about God, religion, Christianity, Jesus of Nazareth, the virgin birth, The Trinity and many of the “taboo” questions while sharing a familiar and humorous account of growing up within the Catholic Church.

Tim is married to Lynn, his wife of twenty-nine years. Tim and Lynn are the parents of three adult children who remain the center of their lives and doting owners of Blue and Bailey their dogs. They grew up in the Chicago area and currently make their home in Kansas City.

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Below is a discussion about three separate issues related to the “Spiritual but Not Religious” conversation that seems to be forming today.  Joining me in the discussion is Pastor Bob Cornwall of Central Woodward Christian Church in Troy Michigan and Reverend Matt Appling of Levi’s House in Kansas City; the panel discussion is moderated by […]

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