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A View from the Back Pew

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Behind the Book

I considered dedicating my forthcoming book, A View from the Back Pew, to those who understand less about religion, spirituality and truth than me. It would have been impudent. But, to a large degree, it would have been accurate. For this group is the driving force behind why I wrote this book. For the untold thousands who know much more than me about such matters, I have nothing to add to their understanding; I look to them to expand mine. However, some comprehend less and less than me falls far short of the minimum required; I must attempt to share what I have discovered with them.

A View from the Back Pew is my effort to separate the dogma of belief systems from the truth about the essence we have been trained to call God.  This book is not the prodigious accumulation of integrated and evolutionary wisdom necessary for philosophers, theologians and the spiritual illuminati, but an acceptable first step for regular people to begin to their own personal evolution from blind adherence to ritual-based belief systems to a more vital connection to the nonphysical part of life that very well may be God.

If there is a central thesis to this book, it is this:

  • The Universe is about 15 billion years old.
  • Mankind, in it’s present state of physical evolution, has been around for about 130,000 years.
  • For humans to be predisposed that something more intelligent exists beyond themselves seems reasonable.
  • This reasonable disposition about a metaphysical presence has driven mankind on a search for truth about the meaning, purpose and source of life.
  • This drive toward truth is our Ascending Urge.
  • The Ascending Urge has propelled man to evolve from worshipping forces in nature to a pantheon of gods to a near consensus of a monotheistic deity.
  • The essence of this supernatural entity has been articulated by enlightened spiritual masters contemporaneously from different points of view throughout the world and throughout history. These articulations can be called “deposits.
  • These deposits into human consciousness were turned into institutional religions.
  • The institutions have vigilantly guarded the religious belief systems and resisted any change or advancement.
  • Because of the guardianship of these institutionalized belief systems man’s spiritual advancement or spiritual evolution has been thwarted.
  • Modern men and women are expected to adhere to spiritual understanding articulated in antiquity while nearly all other areas of knowledge have advanced exponentially.
  • Mankind has evolved in its capacity to understand, yet our belief systems have remained stagnant.
  • Many people find antiquated religious concepts unfulfilling which causes many to abandon ritualized belief systems in search of more acceptable versions of metaphysical or spiritual truth.

A View from the Back Pew traces my own search for balance between the dogma of Catholicism and a hunch about a more accessible spiritual presence in my life. My religion placed itself between me and “God” and my instinct increasingly rejected the idea that I needed the Church to be my intercessor. This book is the story of my own conclusions that my Ascending Urge prodded me toward. Increasingly and gradually, as I continued my walk through life, I found the indoctrination I received through a lifetime of Catholicism took me further and further from the truth I had sensed since I was a young boy. This is the story of my search and some of the findings it led me to.

I wrote it mainly for those who are experiencing some dilemmas with their own indoctrinated belief system, for those who spar with religion and unwittingly find themselves struggling with God.

Knowing religion is not necessarily knowing God.

My hope is that my story and the things I uncovered about my religious upbringing will be helpful to those who are drawn to God but labor over dogma, doctrine and ritual.

The Book

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Below is a discussion about three separate issues related to the “Spiritual but Not Religious” conversation that seems to be forming today.  Joining me in the discussion is Pastor Bob Cornwall of Central Woodward Christian Church in Troy Michigan and Reverend Matt Appling of Levi’s House in Kansas City; the panel discussion is moderated by […]

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